A Letter from our CEO

Thank you for the opportunity to present Multi-Empaques Dominicana, S.R.L. We are leaders in the manufacturing, conversion, and timely distribution of flexible packaging materials and application equipment. We deliver custom integrated solutions designed specially to each customer’s individual marketing and manufacturing requirements.

Our company was established in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic in March 1993 as a modest operation. Expertise, market research, honest curiosity, diligent follow-through and an impeccable work ethic led our group to become the most sophisticated flexible packaging materials resource in the Caribbean.

We have the technical and logistical support of core material, machinery and parts suppliers known for their leadership worldwide. Therefore, Multi-Empaques Dominicana offers highly competitive packaging solutions that combine the finest materials with strategically aligned application equipment. The result:

Our customers benefit from the latest technology, daily.

In partnership with the insights and guidance of our manufacturing customers, we consistently attain the retail metrics measuring our customers’ market penetration and market acceptance. Point of purchase appeal, maximum shelf life, excellent product security, consumer confidence and convenience, plus product and logo integrity are the retail metrics we attain, daily.

Our customized equipment and material supply systems provide elimination of downtime and increased inventory turns that result in bottom line benefits, daily. Multi-Empaques Dominicana has built a reputation based upon our consistent ability to provide solutions to the challenges and plans of each customer. We are an important source of integrated solutions.

I want to invite you into our realm. Please accept this offer for an introductory meeting. I look forward to the opportunity of learning more about your current challenges and the vision that fuels your future. I trust we can become your packaging solution.

Best regards.

Kamil H. Hussein
President & C.E.O.